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The exotic tradition of tents has touched the spirit and soul of many different cultures, capturing the imagination of nomads and free spirits throughout the world. North American Indians, Bedouins, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, Tibetans, Mongols, Mughals and Maharajas have all favoured the romance of life under canvas.

In India, these tents offered the ultimate in luxurious hospitality, often serving as royal structures for the Maharajas and their courts, and were used to entertain for a variety of occasions. For centuries they have been host to royal weddings, religious ceremonies, polo events, hunting parties on safari and desert encampments.

Today, tents are still used at palaces, private properties, gardens and resorts, and there are still Safari and Tented Camps in India at which travellers are welcomed.

Our tents are derived from the rich and diverse history of the Mughal dynasty, rulers of India for many hundreds of years. As such, they have a character and ambience that is unmatched by modern tents.

Our up-to-date range offers something to suit every occasion and we are happy to furnish the tents in the style of your choice, be it contemporary, traditional or something in between.

We would be delighted to work closely with you to personalise every detail of your tent. With just a little creativity and imagination, you will be amazed at what we can achieve.

Please take time to browse our website and get in touch via our contact page.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, then give us a call or contact us by email. We are a rapidly expanding company and we’re always adding new and unique items to our stock. If you want it and we don’t have it, we’ll get it (even if we have to build it ourselves)!


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